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Introduce: Crane And Mechanism Work Level Determination


(GB3811-83) The crane's working level is determined according to ultilization level and working load of the crane 

Ultilization levelWorking load
Ultilization levelTotal operation
cycle times (N)
Use conditionOptionWorking loadUse conditionOption
U31.25×105Seldom useQ1-LightSeldom lift to WLL,normally lift to light load
U42.5×105Sometimes useQ2-MidSometimes lift to WLL,normally lift to mid load ofteh
U55.0×105Often use
at mid level
Q3-HeavyOften lift to WLL, normally lift to heavy load
U61.0×106Not often use
at busy level
Q4-Extra heavyFrequently lift up to WLL
U72.0×106Often use
at busy level

Chart for working load of crane

Working loadWorking load factor (kp)Ultilization level
Q4-Extra heavy1A5□A6□A7□

Chart for working load of crane

Parts ultilization levelAverage working hours/day
or year
Total design lifeUse conditionOption
T3≤11600Seldom use
T4>1~23200Sometimes use
T5>2~46300Often use
at mid level
T6>4~812500Not often use
at busy level
T7>8~1625000Often use
at busy level
Note: Total design lifeZ=BDY,Y is parts average service years,we take 8,D is average working days,
we take 200-250

Working loadWorking load factor (kp)Use conditionOption
L1-Light0.125The parts often
work under light load,and seldom work under max. load

L2-Mid0.25The parts often
work under mid load,and seldom work under max. load
L3-Heavy0.5The parts often
work under heavy load,and work under max. load
L4-Extra heavy1The parts often
work under max. load


Q1:Are you factory or business company?

Juli Sling is an OEM&ODM manufacturer with nearly 38 years of history. Focusing on research and development and manufacturing of rigging.

Q2:What is your terms of delivery?

Accept EXW, FOB, CIF, etc. If you have any other choices or requirements, we could negotiate it together to help you find the most convenient and favorable one.

Q3:How does your factory do regarding quality control?

Quality is priority. We always attach great importance to quality controlling. Skillful workers care every details during the production; Strict quality testing in each process; Authoritative testing reports can be provided for customer.

Q4:What payment method is available?

By T/T, L/C, Other methods can be negotiated together.



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