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Textile Sling

Welcome to Juli Slings, where we specialize in the manufacturing and supply of high-quality textile slings for various lifting and rigging applications. With our extensive range of products, including Webbing Slings, Webbing Belts, and Round Slings, we are committed to providing reliable, durable, and safe lifting solutions tailored to your specific needs.

At Juli Slings, we understand the critical importance of quality and safety when it comes to lifting operations. That's why we adhere to stringent manufacturing standards and employ advanced production techniques to ensure the superior performance of our slings. With a strong emphasis on precision and craftsmanship, we guarantee that each sling leaving our facility meets the highest industry standards. 

According to different using environments, different materials would be used. Such as polyester polypropylene, nylon, Kevlar and HMPE. High-strength, anti- slip, wear- resistant, high temperature resistant, soft, light, no harm to the cargo, safety, long life, etc.

Webbing Slings

Our webbing slings are engineered using high-strength, low-stretch polyester webbing material. Designed to withstand heavy loads, these slings offer excellent flexibility and resistance to abrasion, making them ideal for a wide range of lifting tasks. Whether you need to lift machinery, construction materials, or industrial components, our webbing slings are the reliable choice.

Webbing Belts

Offering a wider load-bearing surface, our webbing belts provide enhanced stability and load distribution. Made from durable polyester webbing, these belts are perfect for securing and lifting irregularly shaped loads, such as pipes, beams, or cylinders. With their high tensile strength and ease of use, our webbing belts ensure efficient and secure lifting operations.

Round Slings

Designed for heavy-duty lifting applications, our round slings are constructed using high-tenacity polyester yarns encased in a protective sleeve. These slings are known for their exceptional strength, flexibility, and resistance to cutting and abrasion. With their soft texture and gentle handling characteristics, round slings are particularly suitable for delicate loads or objects with sensitive surfaces.

Your Trusted Textile Sling Manufacturer

At Juli Slings, we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide personalized service and support. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to understanding your lifting requirements and offering expert advice to help you select the most suitable sling for your specific needs. We also offer customized solutions to meet unique project demands, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

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