Recruitment targets:

Sales agents and dealers, large industrial product supermarkets

Juli Sling Co., Ltd. focuses on rigging research and development and manufacturing, with nearly 40 years of production and manufacturing experience. At present, we have cooperated with more than 80 countries in overseas business. We are a large-scale, complete and professional rigging manufacturing company, committed to providing high-quality products and services to the global market. Now, Juli Sling Co., Ltd. is planning to speed up the expansion of the international market, so we sincerely invite people with lofty ideals to join our agent team.

Coverage area:

American market, Australian market, European market, Middle East market, African market, Asian market


You are a distributor or have worked as a sales agent in one or more of the following fields:

industrial goods manufacturing, aviation and railroad, oil, and other lifting and hoisting industries.


You are an ambitious, self-disciplined, highly organized and enjoyable person who likes challenges and is a challenge terminator;


You have ownership and management responsibility, good negotiation skills and the ability to create solutions.


Responsibilities 01

Use Juli’s brand to provide sling sales services to customers in the responsible area;

Responsibilities 02

Formulate and implement strategies to achieve market conditions that can reflect the direction of products;

Responsibilities 03

Communicate with us regularly, timely and effectively, including the sharing of market information such as sales plan, sales situation, end customer feedback, etc. We will provide you with professional sales strategy suggestions according to the changing market situation.

We can Provide


We support agents and distributors to provide small trial purchases, which can be used to make further decisions based on the trial purchase results.


We provide professional product knowledge and sales skills training for agents and distributors, professional technical team support to improve the professional level of agents; help customers to expand the local market.


We provide information support to our clients: we can provide timely information on the market and industry to help our clients better understand market trends and competitive dynamics and provide decision support.


The company provides preferential pricing policy for agents, according to the sales performance of agents to give the corresponding price support.

After-sales service

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We sincerely invite people with lofty ideals to join our agent team.